April 23, 2008

Give Up Yet? 10X Lead Found In Playground Astroturf

If you thought Jimmy Hoffa's corpse was the only thing contaminating that New Jersey soccer field, think again. State environmental officials have found lead levels in artificial turf that are up to 10 times the toxic threshold for dirt&grass. But only in nylon turf.
Apparently, turf made from nylon uses lead chromate pigment. Cheaper polypropylene and polyethylene turf is apparently not a problem.

Though the spokesman for the Synthetic Turf Association says there's nothing to see here, keep moving, the CPSC says they're investigating.

How can you tell if your kid is playing on a nylon turf--which contains lead--or a polyethylene turf--which doesn't? I have no idea, but from reading around on Majestic Turf's website, the nicer, more grass-like the turf, the leadier it is. Anyone?

Lead found in artificial turf in N.J. [boston.com via dt reader sara]


As long as it's BPA-free, I'm cool.

I'd think lead is the least of your worries in Jersey...

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