April 23, 2008

DT Retail Scoutabout: NY Bed Edition

Here's the deal:

  • DwellStudio is having an overstock sale, 60-80% off on current and discontinued designs. And it sounds like they're replenishing daily, so there's less of that "line up & fight for it" sample sale frenzy. When: Apr. 24-May 4th, 11-7. Where: 76 Greene Street (Broome & Spring).
  • Conveniently, Netto Collection's having a sample sale next week, 60% off furniture floor samples and accessories. When: April 30th – May 2nd (11am - 4pm), May 3rd (12pm - 4pm), and May 5th – 6th (11am - 4pm). Where: NettoCollection Showroom at 270 Lafayette Street (@ Prince St.) Suite 1204 New York, NY.

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