April 20, 2008

Nice Raacke!


Ah, 1968, the Golden Age of Cardboard Children's Furniture, which was ushered in by Peter Raacke's Papp collection, the world's first cardboard furniture. And by first, I mean third, after the Those Things stool from the British designer Peter Murdoch and the Carton Furniture Series by Riki Watanabe, which hit the Japanese market in 1965.


Still, the historical pull of highly destructible furniture only needs to convince 20 people for German retailer Markanto to sell out the re-edition of Raacke's Otto Chair. And though they looked smaller to me in the vintage pictures, you won't hear me complain about the size of this Raacke.

Otto Chair by Peter Raacke, EUR99 in Germany, limited edition of 20 [markanto.de via kidsmodern]

Previously: Paper or Plastic?; Riki Watanabe's Carton Furniture Series

1 Comment

Did the designer spend some time riding public transit in Dallas, or did someone in the Dallas transit agency spend time sitting in one of those chairs as a kid? If you were to paint the chair yellow, it would be the spittin' image of the logo for DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit, www.DART.org).

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