April 19, 2008

Interdependent Children's Furniture By Eiry Rock


The images and reports from the furniture-palooza in Milan are starting to turn up. One of the first kid-related designs to show up: the children's chairs of Eiry Rock, a young designer and maker from Leicestershire, smack in the middle of the UK's flyover region, if anyone flies from London to Manchester.

Rock's simple designs address, as she puts it, "the relationship objects share with each other and their dependency upon one another," which suddenly seems like a very natural idea for kids. Her Box Chair/Child's Chair is an ash chair that slots into an MDF toy box/play table.


Meanwhile, her Pivoting Chair, also in ash, uses a child-sized chair for one of its four legs. The chair rotates out for use. Both designs are available for order, price on request. Though you would've done well to get your order in before the whole Milan ting hit; I expect Rock's gonna be busy for a while.

Eiry Rock furniture designer/maker [eiryrock.co.uk]
Milan Design Week 2008 | Salone Satellite [mocoloco]

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