April 16, 2008

DT Clearance Sale Scoutabout

If sales are what interest you, here are some interesting sales I've heard about in New York, Miami, and around the whole world on the Internet:

  • Sweet Dutch Designers Sample Sale, Apr 17 (9-6) & Apr 18 (9-3): "SPRING 2008 SAMPLE SALE/MOVING SALE, up to 70% off on all our stock of fashionable Dutch Designers Anne-Claire Petit * Imps&Elfs * Kik-kid * Kidscase. Location: Puur Inc. 350 7th Avenue, suite 1104 (btw29th&30th str.)" I love Kidscase, I'll definitely be there Thursday.
  • Zutano Clearance at Olie Bollen, right here right now: DT advertiser Olie Bollen is emptying the Zutano shelves with a 25% off sale.
  • Genius Jones Warehouse Sale, Apr 25&26, 10-6: "We open the drive-in loading door to our warehouse, which is adjacent to our Miami Design District store, and we set up furniture and strollers in our parking lot. This year we have lots of great stuff to sell, including Stokke Xplory strollers, Tripp Trapp chairs and Sleepi cribs (all thanks to a Stokke international sales meeting that took place last week in Miami). Furniture by Celery, Argington and Netto Collection. More strollers by Bugaboo, Mutsy and Silver Cross. Nothing can be shipped or delivered. But prices are 30%-70% off.

    We're getting a head start on the warehouse sale this year by putting all DucDuc crib bedding on a 50% sale on our web site." Whoa.

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