April 15, 2008

Now That's A Hackable Wall-Mounted Metal Changing Table


At EUR650, this very changing table-esque, modular shelving unit, made in Holland in the 1950's by Pilastro, is approximately 25 times the cost of the modern, lawn chair-like Ikea alternatives.

Then again, Ikea has 25 million Google results; Pilastro designer Coen de Vries has 58. Make that 59. So you get what you pay for. Plus a built-in lamp!

Pilastro shelf unit with lamp at Bom Design, EUR650, is just one of the sweet wall-mounted changing table possibilities from stork bites man [bomdesign.nl, storkbitesman]
Previously: wall-mounted changing tables at Ikea, ready-to-go, and possibly hackable

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