April 11, 2008

We Just Realized We Left Something Else In Los Angeles:

The last hour-and-a-half of K2's daytime naps.

Seriously, since the little kid came home, she has not been sleeping more than 30-40 minutes at a time. Before LA, she'd do an easy 1.5-2hr morning nap, then a 2+ hour afternoon nap, plus other scattered naps throughout the day. Plus a solid 8 hours-plus at night.

And where you could put her anywhere--on the floor, in the crib, in the bouncy chair--and she'd fall asleep, now she won't sleep unless she's got us in a cramp-inducing position: either held upright, invisible Bjorn-style, on my chest, or in the crook of my knee, with a bottle. In either case, then, the length of her nap is determined entirely by my own need to go the bathroom or regain circulation in my limbs.

I know kids go through phases, but I seriously hope we haven't left the Sleeps Like A Champ Phase completely behind...


Can't recall when K2 was born but our girl left her Sleeps Like A Champ Phase at 4 months and it's been downhill since then (she's 9.5 months now). How does this make sense? Good luck finding her sleep mojo once again.

[whew, no problem, K2's only 14 weeks. oh, wait... -ed. ]

Maybe another trip of some sort will snap her out of it?

My son, when a few weeks old, started on that kick about only sleeping in the bouncy seat. Then at six weeks, we went on a car trip to NYC--4 hrs. in the car seat each way (with breaks for nursing and changing). When we got home, he was suddenly okay with sleeping in the crib. We figured he'd had enough of the being-cradled-in-a-seat during the trip. (He also, later, started doing short naps and only sleeping decently on me. I remember preparing for naps by going to the bathroom first & making sure a beverage and the remote were within arm's reach). Good luck!

sounds like you've hit the 4-month sleep regression! like all things, it will pass. see askmoxie.org. she's great on that.

more specifically: http://moxie.blogs.com/askmoxie/2006/02/qa_what_are_sle.html

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