April 10, 2008

NYT Gives Camp-Friendly Cribs The Zagat Treatment


Alternate article title: Q: How many little Coloradans can you stuff into a Phil & Teds Traveller? [A: At least four.]

The NY Times enlisted a young, large family to try out five travel cribs of various sizes, price points, and degrees of portability. Though the P&T was pronounced "excellent," it was also "a pain." [I would add, "looks great," which is very important when you're out in the wilderness, am I right?]

Other cribs were "cozy," and at least two were "convenient." Which, after all, is what travel with kids--and camping in particular--is all about: convenience.

Just wondering aloud here: Is there such a thing as a co-sleeping bag?

Physical Culture | Gear Test, Portable Cribs [nyt]


None of those travel cots featured compared to our Dutch Nomad Travel Cot. Weighs in at around 2.5kg (5lbs) - including air mattress, so compact it fits in the suitcase (or backpack), very easy assembly and very sturdy too. My kid uses it to play tent indoor a lot and at times treats it like a jungle gym. No damage or bent poles whatsoever.

We've been using the Peapod Plus for about a year now. We bought it after encountering a particularly scary crib in an Austrian hotel. It folds up small enough (even the Plus version) that we can pack it in a suitcase. We've carted one across Canada and then to Europe, where it's been to, oh 6 or 7 countries and even on an overnight ferry. We decided to leave that one with the in-laws (for future visits) and bought another one when we returned to Canada. It's great in a hotel, as we can leave the nylon flaps down when our son goes to bed and we don't have to turn down all the lights waiting for him to fall asleep. Our son, now 18 months, loves it, and will happily crawl in there to play or even to let us know he wants to go to sleep. It's quick and simple to both set up and break down. Also comes with a sleeping bag, which we've yet to use.

Wow, am I the only person who considers it more "convenient" to travel with less stuff and spend more of my money on enjoying my destination? We've always babyproofed as well as we can (tents are pretty easy) and let the kids sleep with us...


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