April 9, 2008

There's Daddy Typing

there's daddy typing
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Our new oilcloth tablecloth, picked up from Coco's Variety, as shot by our new auteur, with our new Flip.


Great tablecloth. I see a big future in film for the sprout.

Very nice. I have a Flip too, and love it. I'm all for gadgets with very few buttons. My 2.5 year old would love to get his hands on it, but I'm afraid he will erase my movies (I've usually just recorded a movie when he sees the camera and wants it...so it's not like I've had a chance to get the movie safely uploaded).

So how do you like that Flip thing? I am this close to getting one. I assume there is a DT review coming. I read David Pogue's NYT review of it a few weeks ago and so far have not found any friends of mine with one that I can test. Supposedly it has captured 13 percent of the camcorder market!
PS- for a minute there, it looked like your little videographer was going to burst in on MommyType in the WC. We'll just call her Proto-Pap from now on.

[yeah, that's just the opening scene of a 5-min. "When KIDCAMS ATTACK!" pilot episode we're putting together for Spike. The Flip couldn't be easier to shoot with, though I probably could research a bit more about editing/manipulating the video on the computer. Going from AVI to Final Cut Pro and back to some kind of low-weight, Flickr-compatible file format was the hardest--and seemingly most unnecessary--part. Otherwise, I think the thing will revolutionize the kid's world. -ed.]

Or Paparazza Ragazza, maybe

very cute. i'm afraid roo would immortalize me typing with jasper nursing. sad but true.

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