April 8, 2008

From The Phil & Teds Vibe Unboxing

DT reader Kristina took delivery of a new Phil & Teds Vibe last week. She's put photos of the various configurations, including the bassinet-&seat-on-top as well as the not-officially recognized car seat-on-top, toddler-in-the-back.

There's also a side-by-side comparison with a folded Bugaboo Frog, for size comparison.

And with that, I've run out of hyphens.

Phil & Ted's Vibe Double stroller [flickr]


Hmmm, isn't the original model better looking? Is that aluminum as easily scrathcable as on the Bugaboo?

[hmm, I just checked, and there are some scuffs, probably from the gatechecking, but I never noticed that the Bugaboo scratches much at all. -ed.]

Can I reasonable gather that if the newborn is in the back the toddler in the front cannot lie down?

And yes the Bug does scratch but they are well earned scratches. Better to scratch than to crack.


[the lie down setting is only for the main seat, which, when it's reclined flat, blocks the 2nd seat from going underneath. Thus it has to be perched on top/front. -ed.]

Pushed my friend's almost-2-yo to preschool the other day in a Vibe. Twas a dream. Except that the top handlebar isn't round and makes your hands start to ache after 10 minutes of pushing (with or without a kid in it). Other than that, it also had the most padded seats I've ever seen in a stroller (and I've seen lots). Finally a company with sense enough to pad little tushies!

Who makes that rayshade that is covering the double seat? Super Thanxs!!!

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