April 7, 2008

DT Headline Roundup: Nude, Wack, Wax Edition

From the accumulated browser tabs of Mr. Daddy T. Frankweiler:

  • "Reading man falls from roof of his moving minivan, runs naked along bypass [has organs-exposing gash in torso, gets tased with no effect, gets wrestled to ground, not yet charged with anything, but clearly guilty of having way too much fun with a minivan]" Your move, Mcconaughey. [readingeagle.com via dt's minivan correspondent, jj daddy-o]
  • In his race to be the next Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock masters self-satisfaction and super-annoying interviewese. Meanwhile, I want to see the video before I believe Spurlock can actually change a diaper one-handed. I mean, it's not like he's got a Big Mac in the other hand, right? [nyt]
  • While it's tempting to blame Bisphenol-A-related early-onset puberty for the supposed boom in 8-year-olds getting bikini waxes in Philadelphia, that doesn't explain the 6-year-olds getting twice-weekly blowouts. No, the real problem is the same one Center City types were complaining about when I was at Penn: insane, jappy moms on the Main Line. Of course, the only ones actually quoted in the story are totally level-headed; they just take their daughters for mani-pedis and a little QT, no harm, no foul. Why, exactly, am I writing about this? [Phillymag.comsalon, thnx dt reader seth]
  • What a way to end the list...

  • Wait, how about this ending? The Chicago Tribune won a Pulitzer for their investigative reporting series on the failures of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The series resulted in massive recalls of magnetic toys, lead toys, and cribs. [chicagotribune.com]

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    Damn, that was so much more impressive when I thought the guy was reading on the roof of his minivan in the nude. Being from Reading is so much less impressive.

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