April 5, 2008

Vamanos! NAFTAstic Dora Minivan Of Canada


Do not adjust your screen. You are not dreaming. NAFTA is real, and it is working hard for Canadian children every. single. minute.

That IS a photo of an American minivan [the Chevrolet Uplander, made in Doraville, Georgia! Until last year.], wrapped in Spanish-speaking characters, owned by a major US media conglomerate, and stuffed to the moonroof with Chinese-made toys.

It was the grand prize in a promotional contest last spring, organized by Nickelodeon's Canadian merchandising agents, in conjunction with Zellers, the Target of Canada, and YTV, the Nickelodeon of Canada.

As the caption in the photo from the new issue of Kidscreen says, the promo "boosted Nick merch sales by 35%." No word on the contest winner, but they should be pretty damn easy to spot in the parking lot.

Boosting off-peak sales with sticky in-store promos [kidscreen.com]

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