March 31, 2008

The Audacity On Hope: BMW X6 Spied In Downtown LA


Yesterday afternoon, on the way back to our hotel, we got stuck in a photoshoot for the new Lamborghini LP560-4, and I whipped out the phonecam. Meanwhile, from DT's correspondent from the Small World Department, Darren, was apparently staying downtown in Los Angeles this weekend, too. As they pulled out from their hotel yesterday morning, he managed to fire off a couple of shots of this BMW X6, complete with manufacturer plates and an annoyed driver.

I'm not sold on the need for an X6; it seems like all the bulk and efficiency of an X5 with all the useful carrying capacity of the 3-series wagon. But maybe I'm just missing something. I'm sure it'll hold more car seats than a Lambo, though.


In other "Cars that look nice but make absolutely no practical sense" news: what's the deal with the Infiniti EX "crossover"? It's just about as big as their FX, but has a smaller trunk than an average sedan. There isn't even the vertical room you expect in an SUV or wagon due to the extreme slope of the rear hatch.

This car marks the return of the AMC Eagle.
Not an entirely bad thing. The Eagle was ahead of its time bringing AWD and a degree of utility to the passenger car, although I doubt most BMW shoppers would appreciate the comparison.

In any case, this thing does bring the bulk and (in)efficiency of the X5 without any of the practicality. Somehow the American carmakers take all the heat in the press for the inefficiency of their cars while BMW (and other European carmakers) get off easy. Thanks to good PR (and possibly the blind eye of blue state liberals who appreciate BMW's luxury, capability and image) nobody seems to notice that BMW has paid more fines for its Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency excesses than any automaker. (

Sure, GM and Ford may fight the hikes in CAFE standards but at least they try to adhere to them once they're in place.

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