March 29, 2008

Hey, Now Turn Parentblogging Into A Lucrative Career! Until You Quit In Frustration

Check it out, is looking for an editor! If you can "generate lively, crisply written, accurate parenting stories...on tight deadlines," and want to "Work with Parenting and Babytalk editors to generate and showcase collaborative features and campaings that exploit the unique strengths of print and online," then a promising career "Generat[ing, writ[ing], and edit[ing] content about current parenting events--from health stories to birthday trends and celebrity bump watches--as well as slide shows and other features" for is for you!

The complaints of cost-cutting and nickel&dime 401K matching, and the boatloads of senior editorial personnel who have jumped ship since Time Warner sold the parenting magazine group to Swedish media conglomerate Bonnier just means there'll be more excitement! Editor, Bonnier Corp/Parenting NY [ via dt reader dt]
Souring On Swedes: Ex-Time Staffers Leaving Bonnier Payroll [nypost]

Not related at all, I'm sure, except for the celebrity bump watch thing: Celebrity Baby Blog totally kicks's ass, statwise. []


of course, it goes without saying that they are looking to hire a mom, not a dad.

[unless there's a dad ho wants to implement their vision of Parenting as a full=on mom lifestyle mag, not just a preg-to-kindergarten mag. -ed.]

An online writing job that requires relocation to New York. Hmmm. Someone is not clear on the concept.

Would they at least place me in a basement utility closet so I can write in my pajamas?

[it's perfect if your husband is a banker, though. -ed.]

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