March 28, 2008

It's My Kid In A Baby Box By Andrew Stafford

babybox_astafford.jpgIn 2001, British designer Andrew Stafford created the Baby Box, Archive and Crib, mk.3, which I assume pertains to the third version. [James Goggin is credited with graphic design on mk3, while Paul Elliman and Alex Rich did mk1 and mk2, respectively.]

Anyway, where the conventional designer would create a crib that conerts to a toddler bed, and then a never-to-be used "daybed," which we all know is just code for, "too big a piece of furniture to throw away, also, what if we have another kid?" Stafford took a more daring approach. After the Baby Box served its time as "a temporary [moses basket]," Stafford wrote, "it becomes an archive for [the kid's] childhood memories." In other words, the box converts to a box. BRILLIANT!

In Jan. 2003, Jasper Morrison praised the Baby Box thusly: restores hope in a better future for design in which practicality prevails over personal statement."
Of course, in the future, Morrison designed a whole line of furniture made to look like crates. Guess he wasn't taking any chances.

Also, do those dolls look like Ugly Dolls to you? Just wondering.

Baby Box, Archive and Crib mk.3, 2001 []
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Only design people could think of a cardboard box for a baby to be a "daring approach". :) Finland has been giving new mums a box full of stuff for the baby and a pad on the bottom which, when empty, is to be used as a bed for the baby for a long while. ( see which has a pic of the box and contents. )

[it is like Helsinki Central Station around here these days, thanks! -ed.]

hfb, that's awesome.

Those look like characters from Scary Stories.

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