March 27, 2008

Wow. Baby Boy's Wedding Outfit By Issey Miyake

Family portrait!, originally uploaded by jyri.

There are approximately two clothing designers I'd actually like to see take the baby & kids clothing challenge: Martin Margiela and Issey Miyake.

One down, one to go. After seeing what Miyake design director Dai Fujiwara created for Ulla Maaria Mutanen and Jyri Engestrom, I think I need to start an online petition to get these guys going.

Fujiwara came up with the idea of a cross-cultural wedding collaboration while he was speaking at a design guru seminar at the Alvar Aalto Studio last summer titled, "It's a Beautiful Day." Which, if the story ended there, would already count as the biggest boondoggle in the world.

One of the seminar participants ran into Mutanen and Engestrom at a party in San Francisco, told them about Fujiwara's idea, and suggested, hey, they just had a baby and sold their company to Google, why don't they get married and have this star panel do their wedding? At Aalto's studio. In Finland. So naturally, they did. And naturally, now the whole project is documented online.

Here's the description of the kid's outfit:

The baby boy will wear a unique ISSEY MIYAKE wedding outfit in A-POC knit with a matching cap and socks. The colour is warm beige. All parts are cut out from one tube of knit fabric.
A-POC is Miyake and Fujiwara's experimental clothing production model, where an entire outfit is cut from a single piece of fabric. A-POC stands for "A Piece Of Clothing." It's

Here's another shot. Un. Be. Lievable.

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If it weren't for the cool clothes, it looks like they could be members of THAT side of my family- where they wait long enough for their kids to be attendants before they get around to getting married.

im speechless. amazing.

Looks like they TP'd the boy, just used fabric instead of the usual two-ply.

The rest of the ensemble is good looking, though.

it is not fair how insanely good looking this family is.

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