March 25, 2008

DT Link Roundup: PC, ABC, APC, RR, HR Edition

Some headlines and links from the DT browser tabs:

  • One WSJ dad knows he's ruining his 5-yo son's future by not teaching him more about computers. but dammit, we didn't need Webkinz when we were that age; we blew our stuffed animals to smithereens with firecrackers from South of The Border. [wsj via dt reader rolf]
  • Ah, Uppababy, remember the good times we used to have, talking about how "actually designed in China" was starting to get cool? And now you're all famous and hanging with Tori Spelling and Tom Brady and whatnot? We should totally hang out again. I left you like five messages. C-A-L-L M-E. [ via dt reader sara]
  • I just stopped by Barnes & Noble to check, and sure enough, W Magazine has an article about the founder of French jeans company APC starting a pre-school, complete with chic paint smocks and cotton-cashmere snuggle blankets for naptime. And yet no discernibly innovative curriculum. I love APC, but isn't this just a more elaborate form of homeschooling? Also, WTH, the dude's daughter is three? And he didn't start making APC baby clothes WHY, exactly? [w mag 04/08, via stork bites man]
    update: the fine folks at W have informed me that the APC Preschool article is [now] online.
  • Uh-oh, John's kid might have a hard time getting a turn with the new Imaginarium spiral ramp wooden train set. It's Thomas and Brio-compatible! [crunchgear]
  • And finally, the New Hot Trend in family-friendly company policies is Bring Your Newborn To Work With You. According to one study, over 80 companies--that's right EIGHT-ZERO, baby, over 1.6 companies per STATE!--encourage new parents to bring their kids back to work with them. Companies like a Dallas non-profit that helps poor families with day care placement. Curmudgeonly critics say it's a huge liability issue for the company, but that's nonsense. It's not like anyone would prop her kid in an easily escapable foam seat which was subject to recall, and then set her on the edge of a desk or anything. [dallas morning news, via dt reader robert]


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    UPPAbaby's office is next door to my husband's workshop. They're nice guys. We have the Vista and it is SO easy to maneuver, which my Bumbleride was NOT.

    We plan on getting the g-lite for when our daughter gets older.

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