March 24, 2008

BPA A-to-Z, Including TXT @ Z Recommends

While the CPSC sits by and does nothing, and the consumer and environmental activist groups go for the big, legistlation-changing headlines, parents who actually want to do something about exposing their kid to Bisphenol-A (BPA) are left in the lurch. Enter the bloggers.

Jeremiah and Jennifer McNichols are compiling an incredible database of plastic baby gear manufacturers on their parent blog, Z Recs. They track down product-level BPA content information from corporate publications and spokespeople; they include reviews of products based on their actual utility [e.g., sure, it's BPA-free, but this bottle sucks]; and they point out how to decode product labels and packaging info yourself. [Their BPA Report tagline says it all: "They're unlabeled for a reason."]

There are 52 companies on the list so far. And last month, Z Recs launched its BPA Mobile Project, which lets you check a product's BPA content and rating right there in the store via text message. It makes me want to go buy more plastic gear, just so I can try it out.

The Z Report on BPA In Children's Feeding Products, Third Edition [z recommends]
Z Recs BPA Mobile Project [z recommends]

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