March 20, 2008

Alright, Bloom Otto Table, I'll Bite: What Is "Stylewood"?


I first spotted this design yesterday on, uh, Designspotter. As you can guess from the shape, Bloom Baby's new Otto chairs slide right in under the new Otto playtable, for a nice, clean look. It's designed by Hakan Gürsu, of the Turkish industrial firm Design Nobis.

All well and good. But what the hell is "stylewood"? Apparently, the Otto is "formed" of "cultivated," "patented," "stylewood™." So, for that matter, is the Bloom Coco lounger. [Unless you get the patented "plexistyle™" lounger, that is.]

In ancient times, such furniture would have been molded out of plywood, but no more. Otto announces the beginning of a new era. Stylewood™'s only similarity to molded plywood is its appearance. And its moldability. And its tendency to splinter when you drag it around on edge, a characteristic mitigated by little protective plastic guards on the corners.

I emailed the chief gardeners at Bloom to learn more about this miraculous, new material; I look forward to their reply as a dew-flecked flower awaits the dawn.

Bloom Otto play table and chairs, $450, shipping in March [hey!] [moderntots via the annoyingly unlinkable designspotter]

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Let us know if/when you here back because I think this table totally rocks!

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