March 18, 2008

Thanks, Nickelodeon! Another Website Dads Need To Know Nothing About

nickjr_ads_delta.jpg with Delta/AmEx ad, for when you're feeling not so fresh, I guess

Viacom division Nickelodeon unveiled the first of 600 new online games designed to strengthen "the brand affiliation" and to deliver young eyeballs to advertisers, including the poor food companies, who had no way to reach kids after they promised to limit their TV commercials.

The first $100 million is being spent on "a series of customized sites for different age groups (preschoolers, tweens, teenage boys, moms)." Teens go to, while "The youngest players of all are welcome on the sites of Nick Jr. and Noggin, where games are meant to be played by children 'on the laps of their moms,'" according to Cyma Zarghami, president of MTV's Nickelodeon & Kids Group.

Nothing to see here, dads, go about your very important work, while and the friendly folks at Cinnamon Toast Crunch help train your child to "want to be Dora."

Online Games By The Hundreds, With Tie-Ins [nyt]


I'd love to see a category for just these dad-discrimination posts. I see every new post that comes along, but I wouldn't mind being able to go back and read just these ones easily sometimes.

Since I complained about something, I'll close with a sincere "love the blog!"

I usually with you on these post regarding dads being ignored, but here I'm not feeling it.

The ad-development arm of Nick/MTV Kids isn't ignoring dads because they're insensitive. They're ignoring us because we don't represent a significant ad demo that advertisers want to buy space for.

Maybe that's an oversight on the ad buyers' part, maybe the constituents of the overall dad market are better targeted through other channels of identification, but that's what ad buyers want. I just don't see how it would behoove Nick/MTV Kids to make us one of their handful of target groups when they can't reasonably expect to show numbers to justify it.

Maybe they think Dads can't use the computer...?

Perhaps on these posts you could publish the email addresses for comments, so your readers who are inclined could send feedback.

Huh. I guess I never thought about sharing my feelings, just keeping them bottled up inside. Must be a guy thing.

Actually, the mom-centricity of media and advertising is structural and endemic. Beyond pointing it out, there is Simply swapping "moms" for "parents" on a powerpoint does not alter the fact that all the underlying demographic data, all the focus groups, all the user testing, all the agency and advertiser strategies, and even the organizational structures of the companies themselves, are all based on women/moms.

That said, I'd assume president Cyma Zarghami's email address follows the same format as everyone at nick:

I'm fairly sure that protesting stupid policies is not a sex-linked characteristic.

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