March 18, 2008

Sugoi: Japanese Folk Toy Design Database

halloweenesque octopus, originally uploaded by peacay.

FYI, "sugoi" means "great!" and is used sort of like "awesome!" As in this sentence: Bibliofind has posted another awesome source for 19th and 20th century Japanese toy designs: the Ningyo-do Bunko Database. Ningyo is doll, so there will be lots of look-don't-touch designs and artifacts, but there are plenty of playable toys as well.

These watercolor sketches of various folk toy designs [kyoudo gangu, if you remember from last time] come from a 60-volume set. The simplicity of a paper lantern-like hanging octopus, and the wobbly walking motion of a dragon pull-toy barely scratch the surface.

Japanese Toy Designs from the Ningyo-do Bunko database [bibliodyssey]

Previously: Japanese Folk Toys are called "Kyoudo Gangu"; Whoa, the Folk Toy Museum has a blog

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