March 17, 2008

Win One For The Little Zipper! Creative Playthings Mail Scooter On eBay


Haven't seen one of these turn up on eBay before. It's a Creative Playthings Mail Scooter called the Little Zipper, presumably a reference to the 5-digit Zip Code, which was being promoted for general use in the late 1960's and into the mid-70's.

I'd email the seller to confirm the dimensions: 10 3/4 inches sounds really short, and converting it to metric--27cm--doesn't help. Maybe if the metric system had such effective merchandising tie-ins as this, I'd know what 27 centimeters means.

Vintage Little Zipper Mail Scooter NR, currently $10+12.55 s/h, auction ends Mar. 20 update: sold for $22.55 [ebay]
Link outdated? Search for other Creative Playthings items on eBay [ebay]

1 Comment

maybe it's just me, but this scooter does nothing for me. I like most of the Creative Playthings toys, but this one falls short.

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