March 13, 2008

Wasting Away Again In KidKupzville


Uh-oh: "If you're a Mom, you're likely familiar with the age-old problem of trying to administer harsh-tasting medicine to a sick, fussy child!"

Good thing the publicist added "or a dad" in the press release, or we coulda had trouble!

Like a margarita ringed with salt, KidKupz are medicine dosing cups with a rimful of crushed candy to help the medicine go down.

I'm sure it's just lollipops or whatever, but from the drawing, the crystal-studded rim looks like a Nerds Rope, a candy so sugary, it should come with a heavy equipment warning on the label [I bought it on the NJ Turnpike, me and every hopped up trucker on the eastern seaboard.]

Anyway, the candy cup thing sounds fine, if a little tricky to wash, but I don't get when you need it; every medicine we've had to give the kid already comes with some kind of over-childish flavoring mixed in.

KidKupz launches this spring in four flavors, not including lime or coconut.[ via press release]


Yeah, I don't get why we'd need it, either. Our girls have loved every single type of kids medicine they've the point that they get upset when they don't have a fever.

Even the generic "pink" amoxicillin I had to give my youngest just recently was eagerly gulped down. And this was the stuff that did NOT have the optional flavoring added.

Well you certainly are lucky to have kids who love medicine. Personally, I think these kupz sound awesome. I'd like to try one myself. Seriously though, my child will love these! Besides, that flavoring stuff you pay extra for at the pharmacy totally doesn't work. It just makes a bad taste taste worse. This sounds like maybe a chaser or something. Like you said...the salt after the tequila. Bartender, pour me another.

There are still plenty of kids medicines (more heavy duty stuff) that are way, way nasty and can't be flavored. Some of the liquid steroids come to mind.

Speaking of tequila, we literally taught our kid to lick her hand w/a little salt and toss the medicine shot back. We said "that's how the big kids do it." She loves salt and she loves being "big" and now she's got the wrist motion down cold.

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