March 12, 2008

Two's A Trend! Another Stylish Crib Of Death Photoshoot


Wow, you know what? Celebrities are just like us. If by "celebrities," you mean Brooke Burke [1], and by "us," you mean people whose wildly unsafe-but-photogenic nursery furniture causes online comment riots.

Before the whole DIY crib of death freakout on Design*Sponge today, there was a similar outbreak of WTF at Celebrity Baby Blog; a couple of weeks ago, photos of Burke's new double nursery, designed by an outfit called Nursery Couture, set the commenters to commenting.

Seems that some people saw the curtains of long, free-flowing ribbons surrounding the cribs as something of a strangulation hazard. Then there were the throw pillows and blankets in the cribs. And the 13-month old kid in a crib where the railing came up to her knees.

Nursery Couture stepped in to clarify that the whole thing was just styled that way for a photoshoot. And anyway, "if you look closely," there's a layer of tulle [2] that kept all those strangleribbons out of reach. Can't you see it? Uh, no, you can't, and there are photos of the kid playing with ribbons dangling into the crib, so I think it's either useless or not there. And of the many sites that published the photos--including the photo agency's own--the only one that mentioned a disclaimer is the one with the freakout.

Gee, what kind of world are we living in if you can't trust celebrities, nursery stylists, kid-free DIY'ers, or blogs to keep your kid safe in bed??

Brooke Burke prepares nursery for Rain and new son []
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[1] uh, reporter on Monk? I only know her because the arrogant, b-school jerk her baby daddy David Charvet played on Melrose Place was supposedly named after me. Long story.
[2] pronounced "tool," I find out, as in hardware, not "tull" as in Jethro.


I'm with you, I don't see any curtain of tulle especially in the photo where she's playing with the ribbons.
I think it's perfectly acceptable for parents to join in a semi-freakout *if you will* over these types of issues because other parents get ideas from seeing photos of nurseries and heaven forbid just one not so bright soul decide they think this a good idea...

In my opinion it's not enough to put a layer of tulle and tie up the ribbons anyway -- they shouldn't be on the crib period. Put them in the window where a curtain belongs (that is until the child's old enough to get tangled up just playing in the room).

So glad that while the baby in the crib is protected from ribbon and venetian blind cords by a thin layer of tulle, later on in the photo shoot they just give her some ribbons to wrap around her neck and chew on.


[I love that photo, combined with the indignant tone of the "we'd never harm a baby," disclaimer. -ed.]

"we'd never harm a baby"

We prefer to let natural selection take care of that for us.

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