March 11, 2008

Totally Tubular Rocking Horse On eBay


I would love nothing more than to get a gloating email from someone next week explaining what an incredible deal they got on this thing, and how could I not recognize this ultra-rare, tubular steel rocking horse that Giorgetto Giugiaro made for the Sultan of Brunei's 24th son's 4th birthday in 1973??

According to the eBay seller, the horse "is not marked but I believe it is Italian in origin and from the 1960's.." If I had to guess based on that seatback, I'd say it was probably Chinese-run taqueria in Riverside in origin from the 1990's...

Still, it's your $110, your call.

childs Rocking Horse: eames panton creative playthings, auction ends Mar. 18, opening bid $79+ $25-40 s/h [ebay]


I think you're right on with this one.

The cheap plastic end-caps aren't mid-century. A nice 50's piece would most likely have welded and painted ends.

The flat bar-stock under the head & neck also looks incredibly cheap, and if it's mid-century Italian, it's from a not-very-skilled designer.

The lack of 'flow' in the tube work doesn't seem particularly characteristic of decent mid-century Italian work either.

The fabric also doesn't appear to be 50's. IF this piece is original, the fabric most likely isn't.

Looks like all the tubular steel furniture my parent's bought from the scandinavian import chain store in the mall in the eighties. What was that place called - "Cargo"? This would have matched perfectly with my tubular steel bunkbed and tubular steel sawhorse legged table.

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