March 9, 2008

Baby Seal Pelt Probably Sounds Adorable In Icelandic

baby_seal_pelt.jpgSome of my favorite people are Icelanders, but seriously? Weird weird weird place. On the one hand, the government provides no-strings, no-experience-required travel grants to bands, so they can do some gigs abroad, maybe become the next Bjork.

And on the other, there are knitwear collaboratives like Vik Prjonsdottir turning gruesome myths about a fisherman making it with a flayed seal, who then steals her skin back, but returns now and then to check on her landlocked offspring, into snuggly little wool outfits. Can you imagine the uproar if a Canadian company tried selling something called Baby Seal Pelts? Oh wait, they already did.

Buy a Baby Seal Pelt [?!] for $220 at Scandinavian Grace in Brooklyn. Probably want to sock it away till next year, though [ via stork bites man]
Read the Seal Pelt story at Vik Prjonsdottir []

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