March 7, 2008

Child Learns Calligraphy, Also That Most Letters Start With A Fat, Vertical Line

This has been making the designweb rounds. Apparently, getting shirtless on camera with your uncle the calligrapher is a timeworn tradition in Amsterdam.

Bonus monosyllabic Dutch naming bonanza from the credits: Gradus [the kid, admittedly polysyllabic], Job [the uncle] Roel [the dad, I guess], Sal, Rik, Bo, Ton.

Bonus bonus: Gradus and uncle Roel's lettering collabo goes way back to the birth announcement:


"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" a video by Job and Roel Wouters [youtube via drawn thanks dt reader dt]
Oh no! He has a blackbook. Do you think he might be a tagger?? Roel Wouters' calligraphy and design portfolio site []

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