March 7, 2008

Ausgezeichnet! Phidibus Bassinet Converts To Rocker, Bench, Desk


"Aus 1 mach 4" is right! When it comes to children's furniture, the German penchant for convertibility uber alles is well known. [uh, citation needed] So let's just point out the obvious about the Phidibus 4-in-1 bassinet/rocking bench/bench/desk made by Philio, the German online retailer: at EUR398, or $US610,000 give or take a zero, this high-quality, MADE IN GERMANY, birch plywood masterpiece will never be sold in the US.

Though it is also available in natural, hand-rubbed oil finish, the moddish Germans to whom the Phidibus might appeal are apparently just as susceptible to the blue/pink hegemony as the tackiest mallcrawler.

As someone who's already a hefty four figures deep into a similar project, let me say that despite it's cheap-seeming aura, plywood is no friend of the cheapskate. Unless you build the thing yourself, you have no justification for expecting plywood furniture to be inexpensive.

Which gets to the heart of the Phidibus Paradox; until our country gets right-side up on exchange rates and international shipping rates, I'd suggest investing your $600 in a table saw, a belt sander, and enough gas to get you to Lowe's and back.

Phidibus cradle/bench/desk combo, EUR398 []

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Sigh, I miss living in Germany when the dollar was still worth more than a stick of gum.

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