March 6, 2008

Oof! BabyMod Olivia Crib At Wal-Mart Looks Familiar


Wal-Mart's got another set of modern-style nursery furniture. The first Modern Nursery collection they stocked from BabyMod wasn't really modern; the manufacturer, Million Dollar Baby [which also makes Da Vinci furniture], just went for a a Netto-in-a-fog look by mixing & matching finishes from some of their less curlicue-encrusted products.

I guess it sold, because for the Olivia Collection, they've gone all out with an all-new design. At least it was new when Sophie and Michael came up with it at Oeuf.

At $300, these BabyMod pieces are almost twice as expensive as Million Dollar Baby's other lines. Even so, it took a lot of compromises to get an Oeufy crib at that pricepoint; the legs are wood, not metal. The mattress platform around the base--wait, that's not actually a base, just a molding. The platform/spring is separate. And adjustable! Why doesn't Oeuf do that? Because as you can see above, it looks totally weird, and if you ditch the dust ruffle, it'd somehow look even weirder.

I think this counts as the crib version of a fake Louis Vuitton purse, only it's not being sold on a street corner, but in the biggest retailer in the world. And if you think there's no difference, then go for it.

Baby Mod - Olivia 3-in-1 Crib, Amber and White, $300 [wal-mart via ohdeedoh]
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Not everyone can afford a thousand dollar crib. But when the knockoff costs only $200-$300 less than a good crib, save to buy the good. The Netto Collection Cub crib is only about $499. And if you're planning on having more than one child it is probably worth the extra cost.

Holy shnikey! Hey Oeuff people, can you sue walmart or million $ baby for this?

"And if you're planning on having more than one child it is probably worth the extra cost."

Yeah that's what I thought. However the current resident of said quality crib is refusing to vacate the premises for the future guest currently cooking in my womb. Oh well, it sounded like a good reason to spend more $$ last time.

That said, if I'm gonna spend $1k on a baby related item, it won't be the crib. After all, who sees the crib? Nope, gotta find me the bugaboo version of a double stroller. EVERYONE sees the stroller.

Bugaboo doesn't make a twin stroller, but I posted about a Bug like twin stroller that folds to the size of single once the seats are removed. It's called the Zoom.

Off the main topic, but re: the Zoom: it caught my eye at a German baby store. (NOT in the market for a double stroller!) Really smart design, but it is soooo looooooong. I tried pushing it, and I felt like I was driving a bus. But maybe that's the case for all tandem doubles?

Jairip - Firstwheels (available in Canada) sells the City Twin . A double stroller that looks a fair amount like a Bug.

Liz - Thanks! That does look like a good one. And the kids Godfather lives in Canada so it might be easier to get a hold of than say the iCandy Pear, which seems to be a tandem version and only available in the UK.


Have you seen this?

we have a babymod from wal-mart and its awesome and still great quality. in my mind we saved $400 vs the more expensive brand and it was not necessary ...

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