March 6, 2008

Oh My Heck! Extreme Yo Gabba Gabba! Craftiness

If their rabidly crafty fans keep up this pace, Yo Gabba Gabba! may never need to bother putting out actual merchandise at all; instead they can be like PBS painting guru Bob Ross, making mad bank by selling raw materials--paints, t-shirt blanks, fabrics, glue, silkscreen kits, and a single, giant googly eye--and letting the audience do the rest.

Check this out, from Yo Blogga Blogga, the YGG! production blog:


Some crazy kids on the MySpace made their kid a DJ Lance Rock doll. Made it Mint In Box, too. [Also made it look like Buffy's doll Mrs. Beasley was stepping out on Mr. Beasley with the black G.I. Joe doll, but that's not really our business.]

Oh, and is that a handmade YGG! quilt that baby's sitting on? Who's making this stuff? They're not Amish because then they wouldn't even have TV, much less cable. [And there are clearly two plugs above that kid's head.] Wait, are those handsewn dolls, too? At what point do we call for an intervention? When they make a perfect replica Lance Rock hat?


Now these are a ringer, but too awesome to pass up: two pairs of hand-painted Vans with all four character lands on the vamp. In. Sane.


They're by an artist named Grik, who is in the OG OC ska band GOGO13 with Yo Gabba Gabba! character designer Parker Jacobs. Who is co-creator Christian Jacobs' brother. GOGO13 made the new anthem around our house: "Pick it up!" for the show, too. And from the look of his non-shoe artwork, Grik did the animation.

Q: What do you do when there's not enough Yo Gabba Gabba merch out there? []
Cook Kicks []
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Hey, there IS a Yo Gabba Gabba! store, with iron-ons and Party In My Tummy T-shirts! []


Yo Gabba Gabba is the best thing ever. I'm totally addicted, and my son isn't even old enough to watch it yet. Some day he'll appreciate it.... some day....

"Pick it Up!" is the anthem at our house, too. I love that song.

Scanned through the post...debit card came out of my wallet...already imagining the Brobees on my feet. Damn custom teases.

thank you guys, this means a lot!
soo stoked you like my work!

think grik,
i take commissions and ill have my site with art music and merch up soon enough!

where do you get the yo gabba gabba vans besides ordering them? what store??? please get back to me asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!(as soon as possible!!!!!)

they're not at a store, dude. they're custom-painted by The Grik. just click. Do you need them for a wedding this weekend or something? What's the hurry?

That baby is my son Jonathan. My mom made those Yo Gabba Gabba things for him for Christmas!

just wondering how much would she charge to make a quilt for my 11 month old son??
thats a reallly awesome blankie!!! and DJ LANCE ROCK DOLL!!! AMAZINGGG

WHere is the link to order these?? I would love to get the for my son! i know they are hand made I would like some more info

quiero las vans de yo gabba gabba!
cuando llegan a la argentina?

In the following page

I found out that the Yo gabba gabba vans are not available for sale!!!

"Our GOGO13 buddy Grik from San Diego tricked out these cool custom Vans. I think he did a fantastic job. However, sorry kids... you can't buy them because he made those for himself."


how do i get the yo gabba gabba vans someone let me know please!!!!!1

read the comments right above yours, then make your own, I guess.

I made a (somewhat) awesome Muno doll for my son, but without using a pattern it ended up taller than him! I resorted to buying felt and drawing patterns and made him dolls of all the characters except for DJ Lance. I also have access to a computerized mat cutter at work that I've been using to design wall stencils. I can't wait to redo his bedroom!

And FYI, if you want the Yo Gabba Gabba Vans, they sell a pair of adult shoes with all of the characters on them for something like 50 bucks. My husband is so embarrassed by those things, it's awesome going out in public - the little kids always love them! That's my mom's site. She made my son the Yo gabba gabba stuff.

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