March 1, 2008

DT Advertisers Love Your Kid's Mohawk

Thanks to the Daddy Types advertisers who support the kids' educations without complaining once about their haircuts. If you have a product or a service, an event or an organization that new dads and their posse should know about, consider advertising on Daddy Types. If you've got a problem with the new kid's quite unruly mullet, though, please move on. Thanks to:

  • Cookie & Self, two magazines that taste great together.
  • 10 Grain, the new, fun furniture company for kids--and soon, for adults! keep your trade show eyes peeled--from the geniuses who brought you Eric Pfeiffer.
  • Monte Design, whose fine modern rockers and bassinets would make any nursery a paradi--holy smokes, they have Haircut 100 playing on the splash page of their website?? I love that song!
  • Stokke, makers of the classic Tripp Trapp high chair--my feet are propped up on it as I type this, in fact--who encourage Tripp Trappers and not-yet Tripp Trappers alike to enter the Stokke Sweepstakes.
  • Vincent Shoes, makers of styling kicks for kids, whether you're from Sweden or not.
  • Sparkability, a pioneer in the discovery and provision of better things for babies and kids. Better is an understatement. Something to do with New England modesty, I reckon.


    Modern English, not Haircut 100.

    [Haircut 100. -ed.]

    Both. Two songs that taste great together.

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