February 29, 2008

Do You Know Who Makes This Molded Ply, Fold-Down Changing Table?

Someone emailed me recently asking if there were any cool fold-down changing tables. The Man On The Television says you should just make one yourself. [Frankly, after seeing the results, I'm not convinced. "Wasted Spaces"?? You could dock an aircraft carrier in that supposedly unusable space. We've got people turning hat closets into offices into nurseries in the city; what's with you suburban people?]


But then while poking around the Novedad! section of Catalan-only website of the Barcelona kids store Nobodinoz, I found this sweet, fold-down jobber made of molded ply. Judging from the accessories shown here, it's designed for giving your baby an invigorating, exfoliating sea salt rub. But I bet you could use it to change a diaper as well.


I'd tell you who makes it, but--Idontnoz! Because Nobodinoz didn't put any captions on the damn thing. Ayuda me, por favor!

"Wasted Space" - Changing Table [diynetwork.com]
Nobodinoz [nobodinoz.com]


Don't know about cool, definitely cheap...

Surely they weren't implying it was small, just currently "unused", but I'd say that's a pretty flimsy set-up. The room is 12' by 15', which is a decent size even by suburban standards. But I have to agree, compared to the poor guy building the crib between two walls, this is ridiculous!

Just get a chest of drawers and slap a changing pad on top of it, that's worked beautifully for us as our daughter has gotten longer and longer.

{agreed. "Unused" that's big enough to stick a normal changing table? Just put a piece of furniture there. They also suggest building the changing table into the wall of your kitchen or family room. In which case, it converts to a slightly busted-looking, fold-down mini-bar when the kid gets toilet trained. -ed.]

Mmmm... changing diapers in the kitchen. Appetizing.

[not if you have one of those giant, suburban kitchens, then you hardly even notice! -ed.]

We have one of those old-timey built in ironing boards in our kitchen... I could probably change the kid on that...

AGH! We so wanted that Ikea wall-mounted changing table 2 years ago but it was no longer available? NOW it's back?!?!?!?

Or just change the kid on the floor, like us in the REALLY tiny house. 650 sq feet. Is there a show that does home makeovers for matchbook houses? Second baby coming. Ack!

hey greg i think i sent that email. we are looking to mount something in a hallway, but im realizing it is dependent on toilet training the older one, by the time we get to it the little guy will be over the weight limit on most of these.

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