February 28, 2008

Tattfoo Tan's Nature Matching System Placemat, Mural


Tattfoo Tan's Nature Matching System mural has been getting a lot of attention lately. He made it in collaboration with elementary school children in Brooklyn [it's installed Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass], based on his first incarnation of the project, a placemat.

The NMS color grid is derived from Tan's photographed and Photoshopped purchases at the Union Square Greenmarket. Before this thing ran in the Times, you probably could've picked up a placemat for free at Foragers Market in DUMBO. Emailing the artist for a free, signed copy--wait, what?? free??--is probably your next best bet.

Meanwhile, I can't tell if that Phil & Teds is strawberry, tomato, or dragon fruit.

Nature Matching System mural and disposable paper placemat [tattfoo.com via nyt]

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