February 27, 2008

The New York Times Is The New Urban Baby

Five months ago, Keith Dixon and his wife lost their dining room to the new baby, and now he's struggling to figure out how to cook dinner in silence so the toppling towers of pans don't wake up the just-asleep kid.

Fortunately, Dixon wrote about his dilemma in the New York Times, where a hundred experts promptly chimed in to tell him exactly what he's doing wrong. And to offer up a hundred One True Ways of getting kids to eat right. Well, maybe not a hundred, but 99, at least:

Please. Only a man would think he has invented cooking while caring for kids. Women (including me) have been doing this for centuries, more often than not squatting (while pregnant with the next one)over a wood or dung fire. OK, I haven't done that. But don't print these articles. They make me nauseated (and I'm not even pregnant).

— C P Saul, NY

For the record, we don't go around making smoothies in the nursery, but we don't get all quiet when the kid sleeps, either.

Racket in the Kitchen, Rumpus in the Crib [nyt]


I occasionally made smoothies when kid was fast asleep as a newborn, back when we were still in our 500sq.ft one-bedroom... the secret is to wrap a couple kitchen towels around the blender to muffle the sound... seriously.

(And I wonder why she has horrible sleep habits at three... oops!)

Props to CP Saul for getting nauseated right. So many people would mistakenly write nauseous.

Whenever you post these parenting articles from the NYT, I swear it feels like you're from some alternate, angrier universe if you live in New York City.

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