February 22, 2008

FOUND! That Sweet Plexi Hospital Bassinet UNFORTUNATELY SMALL!


In his burgeoning collection of dad-and-newborn-related Playmobil pieces, Mr. Stinkhead features this tableau: a new dad videotaping a baby in one of those sweet, plexiglass and steel bassinets from the hospital.

It's like Playmobil is jacked into my head, making tiny, plastic dopplegangers of the objects of my deepest desires. No, then they'd have a Playmobil Citroen 2CV, complete with a rollback vinyl roof and removable seats, so you can have a picnic. They must just read the blog.

Uh, or not. "discontinued in 2003": Playmobil 3979 Pediatric Nurse [collectibil.com]
Daddy Playmobil gallery [nontoxicreviews]
Search for Playmobil 3979 on eBay, where they turn up regularly for $6-10 [ebay]

Aha, it's a spare part: Citylife-Klinik 7919 - Incubator [sic] [playmobil.de, thanks dt reader ella]


whoops, I just emailed you about this. You are too quick!

No, wait! New for 2008! Item 7919


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