February 21, 2008

Kid O Products: Kid O Goes Public With Sweet-Looking Toy Line


Well, there's one thing I regret about not going to the Toy Fair: I missed the public debut of Kid O's new toy collection. Since first catching wind of it last summer, I've been stoked, waiting to see these things hit the market. Lisa Mahar, the architect/mom/founder of the West Village kids' store has cited inspirations ranging from Naef and Montessori to the Golden Age of Creative Playthings in coming up with high-design, highly playable basics: blocks, puzzles, and other development-centric toys.

Kudos to Jennifer at kid konsultancy Minor Details, who scooped up a catalogue of the whole collection at the Toy Fair, and who linked to the Kid O Products preview website, which announces a launch date--knock on sustainably harvested and produced wood toys--of May 2008.

Kid O Products - Coming May 2008 [kidoproducts via minor details]

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FYI, the URL is doubled in your link.

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