February 19, 2008

Uma's Choice: Milk Bank Can Either Save Preemies Or Cure Cancer

It's devastating, but simple: Fort Worth has so many teen pregnancies with so many premature births, the Mothers' Milk Bank has to turn away throat cancer patients who would otherwise be cured by the liquid gold.

Fortunately, the solution is equally clear: more pictures of Uma Thurman.

umas bosomas, via ap somewhere

Breast milk used to treat cancer patients [wfaa.com via dt reader robert]
Previously: Breast Pimps: the emergence of the OPBM Industry


Yes. More pictures of Uma.

We looked at banking, but it's not an option in this bass ackward part of the country.

Apparently the local milk bank in my area needs milk too, because demand has increased three-fold, but they don't give reasons for the increased demand anywhere near as interesting as in that article:


The Raleigh-Durham article above explains one thing about the Fort Worth article that puzzled me. The FW article says "In the past three years, the demand has multiplied 300 times." That was a bit mind-boggling... either a lot of preemies or a lot of cancer patients in the past three years! I think they meant to say "300 percent", which would match the RDU article's stat: "Last month, the WakeMed bank shipped about 22,000 ounces to hospitals along the East Coast -- three times what it shipped the same month last year."

But that's to be expected... none of the local TV stations (including WFAA, Ch 8, the source of the story) are known for their attention to detail. What's a couple of orders of magnitude when we have Uma?

[sorry, distracted for a moment. what were you saying? -ed.]

[ok, I went back to look at the Apr '05 article on the creation of the milk bank business. Back then, they cited a 4x increase in demand from the year before, thanks to the then-new propagation of NICU protocols that include breast milk. Still, 22,000 oz at 200 oz/donor, is only like 110 people, going fifty days, contributing 4oz/day. A drop in the bucket, so to speak. Also, the bank sells it for $3/oz. -ed.]

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