February 19, 2008

Chicago Tribune Wins Award For Doing CPSC's Job

Congratulations to the journalists of the Chicago Tribune, who just won the 2007 George Polk Award for Consumer Reporting:

"The newspaper's accounts of children suffering injury and death from exposure to dangerously designed magnetic building sets, lead-tainted toys and defective cribs led to massive product recalls and heightened public awareness of the dangers posed by these widely sold items."
With a couple of nosy Cubs fans on the job, why do we keep letting the fatcats in Washington waste our taxpayer dollars in a meddlesome regulation scheme that only hampers the competitiveness of America's Baby Industrial Complex? I say fire that lone CPSC toy inspector and advertise in the Tribune! Wait, what's that, he's already gone?

George Polk Award Winners [mediainfo.com]
Previously: crib/toy/magnet of death &tc. &tc.

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Or...go to a parent-run site that exposes all the dangers of magnets in toys...http://magnetscankill.spaces.live.com. Almost as complete an analysis as the Chicago Tribune...~

[but sadly, not eligible for a pulitzer. -ed.]

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