February 14, 2008

Ay Caramba! Behold, El Miniboo


Though I've blocked the pain from my mind, longtime readers of DT may be familiar with the trials of the original Mini-boo, the toy-sized Bugaboo I tried to make one Christmas from one of those Riesenthel picnic baskets at The Container Store; an old pair of aluminum crutches; some model airplane wheels; and a rivet gun. [Just listing out the ingredients should be enough to tell you how it all turned out. Check here for some pictures.]

So when a friend sent these pictures of an actual Mini-boo, which she snapped at the big Maison & Objet expo in Paris last month, part of me was stoked. It's by a Spanish baby gear & toy conglomerate called Diset, but it doesn't appear yet on the company's website. [Why use unlinkable frames in 2008, cabron? the doll buggies are part of the "la Nina" collection.]

Yeah, part of me is stoked; part is exasperated that it's taken this long--and counting--for a Mini-boo to hit the market; and part is not liking the way that rear vertical brace looks, even though it helps make it foldable. While it's nice, it's still not as cool as the Miniboo in my mind.

Diset S.A. [diset.com, thanks you!]
Previously: MIniboo update 12/05


never fear ...you can find it here (http://www.vincon.com/WebCommerce/Sistema/200606/inicio.asp?MiTienda=100397&MiIdioma=EN&MiProducto=397896) and it even comes with a carry cot!

I remenber about 6 months ago I saw a pink mini bug in a kids play set package (disneyish princess-thing or something...bassinet,stroller,etc )at costco, but haven't seen it since.

Jenn beat me to it, but I was going to mention that I had a chance to see this mini-boo in person while wandering around the Vincon store during our trip to Barcelona in December. I thought I sent you a few pics of it at the time, Greg, but maybe not. Anyway, construction seemed like good quality to me, although our daughter wasn't with us to take it for a spin.

Have you explored the "invent a shrink ray" approach?

Hi, what do you think about this one? http://cgi.ebay.de/ESPRIT-PUPPENWAGEN-Stroller-Verdeck-Liegeposition_W0QQitemZ260184331913QQihZ016QQcategoryZ33339QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem It´s actually a mini Hauck Infinity, but also has the Bugaboo-Look.

Hah, this one is even better: mini Stokke Xplory in cheap design ;-)

Here's a mini Quinny Zapp. With bassinette and car seat attachment :). Actually made by Maxi-Cosi Quinny

Cabron. Hee hee.

so I guess you don't know the true meaning and uses of "cabron" in spanish, but I think it is not very appropiate for a toy-related post.

just imagine how it could've sounded to write a line like this:

Por que usas marcos no enlazables en 2008, fuckin' bastard??

it could be funny for non-english native speakers, but... well, sure you got my point.

[and here i always thought that when my cholo friends called me "cabron" they just meant "dude." thanks for clearing that up. -ed.]

Oh wow. I am so torn between the faux bugaboo and the zapp. The latter has much cooler features. Although realistically the kid would still prefer the $10 Barbie umbrella stroller grandma bought.

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