February 8, 2008

Pictures Of The New Kid, Approximately

Except that she may end up looking like Jon Lovitz in a couple of weeks, the new kid's doing great. Here is a photo approximation of her growth and development the last couple of weeks....
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Dia De Los Muertos Skull Shirt By Fooey

This cool skull t-shirt is on sale for a seemingly ridiculous $10-12, for infants and toddlers, assuming I didn't just buy the last one. Fooey has some other interesting designs, too; and they seem worth watching to see what...
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StrollAway Giant Stroller Hook Fits "Most Models"

[Now about that stroller of yours:] It's huge, it cost you a fortune, and it's a neccessity. But where do you put it? The neighbors scowl if you leave it in the hallway (illegal they say, as it's a fire...
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