February 7, 2008

They Sure Don't Make'em Like They Used To: c1946 Cardboard Bassinet


It's my kid in a box, baby! From the 1946 advice book, Mother and Baby Care In Pictures, comes this cardboard box done up as a crib:

An improvised bed made from a corrugated carton by an ingenious father. Not ventilators for air and high points to permit use of a netting during insect season.
Is it just me, or does that bed look kind of like a warthog?


My parents love to tell the story about how they had just moved (via the Army) to Germany before I was born, so all they had to use for a travel bed for me was a wooden Michelob beer crate.

Nice, huh? Can you believe they were drinking Michelob in Germany? Cretins.

It does look much like a warthog, or some other pork-related animal. I'm sure inspired parents can branch out into butterfly wings and so on, in a pinch.

My twins arrived early, before we'd gotten the crib set up, so they slept in an open dresser drawer for the first two nights.

I'm achin' for some bacon.

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