February 5, 2008

Please Tell Me This Lucha Catman Puzzle Will Go Into Production


I've been waiting for this Lucha Catman puzzle ever since I saw the chunky MDF prototype last spring at the Bubbly NY trade show. It's from the always-awesome Our Children's Gorilla [and yes, they were awesome even before they advertised on DT], but there have apparently been problems finding a suitably sustainable, Swedish producer.

Now the OCG website's all redesigned, and the Lucha puzzle's on the product list, but it's not listed in the online shop. Yet. Everyone please direct your warm fuzzies across the sea towards the Swedish MDF jigsawing industry. They need our help.

Lucha Catman puzzle, H26cm x W21cm, Our Children's Gorilla [ourchildrensgorilla.com]

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