February 1, 2008

Other Graffiti Coloring Book, Er, Colouring Book

The Graffiti Coloring Book featured here last fall, which was put out by the Fakeproject Corporation of America, has its strengths. It provides eager young taggers with truck- and mailbox-shaped tabulae rasae on which to practice their craft. But...
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Female Infant Circumcision? Oh, You Mean The Indonesian Bris?

I've been too unsettled about the New York Times' recent article on female infant genital cutting ceremonies in Indonesia to write about it. Though there's the obligatory quotes from human rights and womens' health advocates, for the most part, the...
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Sometimes A Camry Station Wagon Is Not A Camry Station Wagon

Despite the impossibly desperate spinning of the Toyota marketing people, this is not one of those times. Seriously, does Toyota's credibility take any kind of hit for pretending that the Venza wagon is not, in fact, a wagon? Or...
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