January 31, 2008

Sometimes A Plush Ring Stacking Toy Is Just A Plush Ring Stacking Toy

This is not one of those times.

Last fall in Miami, I bought the new kid a Muffin stacking plush toy by Friends With You [$22]. Now I love my Friends With You. I mean, the kid's Friends With You. The kid loves them, too, so much that we bought a whole box of penguin-shaped Malfi dolls for her to give as birthday presents [the polkadot ones, not the ones that bear an unfortunate resemblance to antiquated racist golliwog dolls].


But once the new kid arrived, and we unwrapped the Muffin man, and took him apart, I can't help wondering if the concept sketch for this thing came off a bathroom stall divider at some busted suburban high school.

To not perchance offend those readers of DT possessed of delicate sensibilities, the picture of the dildo-shaped plush infant toy with the engorged head is after the jump.



Many things are longer than they are wide, and many of the rest, are hollow.

I see what you're saying, here, but I think it is a coincidence. Although I could see such a toy being made by a fabric sculpture artist to be more evocative, with additional rings out of furry material, and some out of soft pink material....

Kind of looks like a plush hamburger with one too many appendages for polite company.

The little smiling star is what really sells it for me.

Gosh. Makes me wish mine had legs. The star I could do without.

So glad I am not the only one who thought that. When you are ready to step it up a notch, go with the Large Mr. TTT stacking plush. Girth and length!
Oh yeah, and don't let the Malfi get a band-aid applied to any booboos, it peels the skin right off. But we were able to save almost all the polka dots.

{Malfi left the store with teeth marks on his rather soft naugahyde skin. "Kid gnaws it, I buy it" rule was in full effect. She's better now, but Muffin et al are normal plush/stuffed style. Except for the dickhead thing, they're much more kid-friendly. -ed.]

holy crap. there's no way that's a coincidence.

I hope you check your traffic stats to see how many people clicked to see the photo. Promises of a "dildo-shaped plush infant toy with the engorged head" are pretty hard to resist, methinks.

That would make a great Stokke toy. It grows with you and provides fun when you're a toddler and a teenager!

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