January 31, 2008

Haba Volume Box


What a weird toy. Kudos to Haba for not painting it in bright rainbow colors, like so many of their other things. Is the 10x10x10 grid inside geared to actual units, like centimeters? It doesn't seem like it.

Haba Volume Box, H6" W5" D5", $20 at oompatoys
[via swissmiss]

update: yep, they're 1cm. Kevin added links to sets of 1cm cubes, rods, and squares that fit right in, at Construction Toys. What a fantastic mess these things'd be.



I'm thinking that the box is gridded to metric. Take a look at Math Sets CI through CIII on Construction Toys. The dimensions on oompatoys, as estimates, would work out mathematically to metric if they were OD including the wooden sides...

[aha, the volume box is just the beginning. thanks -ed.]

call me a nerd, but I want this for myself!

I like it. But am worried about having 1000 1x1x1cm cubes all over the house. You just know they'll show up everywhere.

I'm completely intrigued by this thing. We might need one just to sit in the living room and look...intriguing.

it looks like a giant game of jenga...

Ah man! That looks like lots of fun... little one is only 6 months old though so... maybe I'll hold-off for now. :)

So it really doesn't come with any blocks? That's a bit odd...

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