January 30, 2008

The Economist Looks At The Life Of 'An Alpha Woman's Beta Half'

The Economist's lifestyle magazine, More Intelligent Life, takes a long, slightly incredulous look at at-home dads in England. [Turns out they're everywhere! And they look just like us, except they wear the same clothes every day.] At-Home Dad godfather Peter Bayliess gets a nice quote, and there's much amusement at the novelty of an all-dad playgroup. But despite the views of many of the dads themselves, a lot of the story is about how beta these guys are vis a vis their alpha wives:

Like several others here, he sees his stint at home as a four- or five-year career break. Some are preparing for the difficult return to work even before the children have entered school-encouraged by partners who don't want the burden of permanently supporting the family. One has been studying for an MBA, another an undergraduate history-of-art course, which has led to a part-time job with an auction house. That business-school dissertation still needs writing, but father and daughter now have co-ordinated afternoon naps, which makes it easier to stay up late and work at the computer after the womenfolk have settled down for the night. "You have to have something else going on," the would-be entrepreneur shrugs. "Otherwise..."
Him Indoors: The Stay-At-Home Dad [moreintelligentlife.com via dt reader jeffrey]

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You didn't mention this shout-out:
"angry bloggers monitoring stereotypical representations in the media"

[why don't those damn bloggers get real jobs? -ed.]

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