January 24, 2008

Whoa. Dwell Baby Didn't Make Their Own Oeuf Crib [For Target]


The launch of Dwell Studio's new collection for Target is coming up any day now, and I've been stoked to see what the furniture looks like. [I'm sure the bedding is all nice and stylish; honestly, Quilting Frenzy Week notwithstanding, I just can't get it up to blog about the latest fabric patterns of the day. And anyway, if I start, I can't stay quiet about the crib bumper racket for very long. Best to stick to the hard stuff.]

Detail shots on Dwell's website gave some tantalizing hints; are they gonna make some sweet greys like the new Oeuf Sparrow collection? Do the sweet, spare, minimalism thing like the Ikea Gulliver? Unless you're Oeuf, that is awesome.

Actually, Oeuf's fine. That IS a Sparrow crib and an Ikea crib. Dwell's own Target furniture is totally different. The Silverlake crib has solid ends, and the Soho has bars all around. [Hmm, bars everywhere? Maybe they should've called it the Lower East Side crib.]



There are dresser/changing tables, too, to complete the look, and some accessories to really pull the room together. Ooh, like this adorable baby zebra skin rug, for just $180! Looks like real baby zebra! [If HGTV calls, tell them I'm busy.]


Because it's only on Target.com, you're taking a bit of a flyer on the quality and finish. Some of the Thomas Sofield furniture at Target turned out to be a bit crappy, for example, so it's not a non-issue. Anyone actually touch or use this stuff, please do the world a service and tell it like it is. Dwell may turn out to be a great option for someone who wants to spend more than Ikea. The question is whether you'll actually get more, too. [thanks to jason for offsprung hook]

Dwell's own site: "Crib schmib, spend $800 on bedding!" [dwellshop.com]
See more pics of Dwell for Target's baby collection, nothing over $300! [ohdeedoh.com, am I the only one who hears that and thinks of Eddie Murphy?]


I was at our local Target in Minneapolis yesterday, and the collection was out, and almost sold out. Cute two-peice clothing sets for $12.99, too.

hmmm...those first cribs pictured, especially the white one, look suspiciously like our ikea gulliver one...

[a very astute observation. -ed.]

the first cribs are not dwells, the ones at target are the only ones they make

[great minds think alike. -ed.]

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