January 23, 2008

There Will Be Poo: Floating Booga Mobiles By Sumi Ink Club

floating booga, originally uploaded by lukey dargons.

The LA artist collaborative known as Sumi Ink Club usually makes intricate, somewhat fantastical drawings together. With ink.

Last fall, they translated some of their characters and motifs, including see-through dudes and piles of poo, into hand-painted, laser-cut, wooden mobiles.

Which they exhibited at Ooga Booga, an art, book, and whatnot store in Chinatown. Unless you already snagged one, though, you missed your chance, says their blog: "All mobiles from the series FLOATING BOOGA have been sold, and are now floating over baby’s heads around the world creating neural sumi networks in their minds. Dream language."

Indeed. Dream of poo. Also, "around the world" is Ooga Booga for, "around Silver Lake."

See pictures of the Floating Booga mobiles you didn't get at Ooga Booga [oogabooga.com via zittel]
See Sumi Ink Club's other work at their own blog [sumiinkclub.com]


Good stuff. Really nice mobiles are surprisingly hard to find.

typical of that store actually. if there's something you want, you can't have it. or it's not for sale. not that i want more poo mind you, cute as it may be.

These are sweet. I love fresh mobiles, but generally I wish more were designed for the baby's perspective... to be seen from the bottom. We have a plexiglass mobile from modernseed (I don't see it on the site anymore) that is awesome. You put in your own pictures or graphics.

[d'oh. $100? now that you mention it, very few mobiles are actually optimized for a kids-eye-view. 3D shapes, yeah, but there's a lot you could do with that from the bottom up POV. -ed.]

I think I spend too much time around my six year old because I couldn't possibly hang anything up in my house that could encourage more poop jokes.

ahem— actually "around the world" is ooga booga for: nyc, paris, alhambra, and atwater village (how did you know!), which are where most of these mobiles are now. :)

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