January 22, 2008

Ty Wants To Fight. For His Right. To Keep Selling Lead Toys, Dammit!


As if sucking the brains out of mid-American grandmas with Beanie Baby Mania and spending their life savings buying up ultra-luxury real estate weren't scourge enough, now Ty, Inc. is defying the law, refusing to take its lead-tainted toys off the shelf, and lying to the press just to get them to shut up and go away.

There you go, now you don't have to read the Chicago Tribune article about Ty reneging on its agreement with Illinois government officials to pull their contaminated Jammin' Jenna dolls off of shelves, claiming that non-existent federal law supersedes state restrictions. Move on, keep shopping. No hysteria to see here.

Toy Maker Fights State Recall [chicagotribune via dt reader jennifer]

1 Comment

Jeezow those things are ugly. Lead poisoning is the least of my concerns.

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