January 22, 2008

Acting Didn't Work Out? LA SAHD Amuses Self, No One Else With Phony Classified Ads

You know you're pathetic when even the bloggers look down at you. A Los Angeles at-home dad [who would be a go-to-work dad if his chosen profession was something besides acting] apparently passes the time by placing totally random classified ads in random newspapers around the country. Then he waits for the calls to come in, and for the local, then the national media to pick up on his hoaxes.

The latest: that he'd found the prop time machine from the 1960 HG Wells movie in a Helena, Mont. mansion. As he told the Helena Independent Record,

“I think it gives them inspiration knowing that if they want to do something themselves, they can,” he said. “It shows them that if someone like me, from Los Angeles, could do this, they can too."
And by "them," I assume he means his kids, and by "this," I assume he means "make shit up for no apparent reason, year after year, rather than do anything productive." Way to think of the children, Rory Emerald.

National Prankster Uses IR Classifieds [helenair.com via obscurestore, thnx dt reader ponch]


"...and in the Miami Harold, where he convinced the entertainment media that he was Elizabeth Taylor’s new beau."

The Miami Harold???

[That Miami Harold, he'll believe anything you tell him -ed.]

Huh. I wonder if his kids found inspiration in this (mentioned in a different news article):

Emerald said he spent about five months in a Los Angeles jail several years ago when he was arrested for theft in a Beverly Hills store while posing as the personal shopper for actress Mia Farrow.
"Yes, that happened," Emerald said. "I remember getting arrested."

Prankster puts fake ad in RGJ

Apparently, he's recently struck in my employer's classifieds:

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